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A progressive, variegated and multifaceted design firm, TG Architects owes its swift rise in the design industry to the sustained efforts being made since its origin, to understand the implicit necessities of clients and other constrains only to exceed client expectations. This has enabled our firm get past the persevering competition in the industry and stand apart with our own values.

TG Architects is a Chennai based firm established in March, 2013 with Ar.Thinaguru, heading the Architectural department. Ar.Thinaguru is a graduate in Architecture and holds a Master's Degree in Construction Management affiliated by UK

The dynamic team is integrated with the minds of Architects, Engineers, Accountant and Marketing professionals. The practice has finished a number of projects from Architectural and Interior Design to Landscape Design.

The team has specialized Architects, with international exposure in the field, involved in the design process. Design solutions offered are backed by research and analysis of various components that are integral part of the design. The prime objective of our company being, extending support to clients from initial planning to final implementation of the project, we assist you build your dream like it's ours.


"Exceptional work is created where the mind focuses on the smallest of details"

As Architects we are all more keen on conveying design product that are not just appealing from outside, but also has the charm in every detail that makes up the product as a whole.


"The power to connect the seemingly unconnected"

We enjoy exploring options. We apply the understanding to our design process, which is marked by extensive exploration of numerous possible solutions.


"Some things can never be created but must be undergone."

Our combined experience in the field of design, construction and cognate industries aids us in our design solutions and guides us to fill the feasibility part of the design.


"A goal without plan is just a wish"

The startling number of our projects, over the years is primarily because of our team's proficient time management and systemic coordination within the organization.


"Action indeed is the sole medium of expression for ethics."

We stand by our values. We have regulations governing our practice and we strongly oblige by them.


"People before profit."

Our methodology integrates clients in our design and construction team thereby providing a clear outlook of the process.

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